IndigoBook Style Integration

The IndigoBook is a free and open statement of the “Bluebook” rules that are commonly applied to US legal resources. The first (and current) edition is the creation Christopher Sprigman and a team of students at New York University, published by Carl Malamud at Editorial work for a “2.0” update is being led by Jennifer Romig.

The open-access, born-digital status of IndigoBook opens a path to integration of the guide with Jurism, to produce a fully automated citation system with an efficient and distributed editorial workflow, open to rolling feedback from the user community that relies on it.

Jurism-Enhanced IndigoBook

A copy of the IndigoBook with links on its citation examples that open popup guidance illustrating how data should be entered in Jurism for each type of material. Items entered correctly in Jurism can be automatically cited into documents using either the JM Indigo Book or JM Indigo Book Law Review style.

IndigoBook+Jurism Integration

A blog post that explains what this project aims to do and why it’s cool.