IndigoBook Style Integration

The IndigoBook is a free and open statement of the “Bluebook” rules that are commonly applied to US legal resources. The first (and current) edition is the creation Christopher Sprigman and a team of students at New York University, published by Carl Malamud at Editorial work for a “2.0” update is being led by Jennifer Romig.

The open-access, born-digital status of IndigoBook opens a path to integration of the guide with Jurism, to produce a fully automated citation system with an efficient and distributed editorial workflow, open to rolling feedback from the user community that relies on it.

Jurism-Enhanced IndigoBook

A copy of the IndigoBook with links on its citation examples that open popup guidance illustrating how data should be entered in Jurism for each type of material.

IndigoBook+Jurism Integration

A blog post that explains what this project aims to do and why it’s cool.