A personal library and research assistant.
For scholars of all fields, in any jurisdiction, across all languages.
Research Tools

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Desktop Resource Manager
The Juris-M resource manager is a variant of the Zotero reference manager, modified and extended to support legal and multilingual referencing.
Abbreviation Filter
Style-specific abbreviation lists for law and other fields, with a flexible editor for adding and editing entries.

Juris-M is free software.

Style Development

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Modular styles
Juris-M supports jurisdiction-specific modular styles for legal referencing, using an extended version of the same powerful Citation Style Language that drives Zotero. In the style editor, you can tune citation formats to the specific requirements of any jurisdiction.
GitHub account required
You must have a GitHub account to contribute legal style code. The site will request access to your public GitHub repositories in order to manage your submissions.
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