Whether you are a researcher, a lawyer, a journalist, or a student of any subject, one part of your work involves the collection of documents. This brings with it persistent administrative burdens associated with storing, organizing, retrieving, and correctly citing materials that grow heavier over time. Reference management is an obvious and important application for computers, and software for this purpose has existed for over forty-years, pre-dating word processors, spreadsheets, web browsers, and the personal computer itself.

For reasons best known to history, legal research and multilingual scholarship have been left behind in the long arc of reference manager development. Jurism fills this gap in the research toolchest, with full-lifecycle support for managing materials in multiple languages and from multiple legal jurisdictions.

Workflow from document to database to cited document

Jurism is based on the popular open-source Zotero reference manager. Like Zotero it is free to install. For sharing materials among users or across multiple machines, Jurism can sync libraries with zotero.org (free for unlimited volumes of metadata, with subscription plans for file storage). The two projects are independent, however. If you wish to support Jurism maintenance and development, please consider making a pledge to the project on Patreon.