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Jurism is based on Zotero, and most features work (or should work) exactly as in the “parent” project. The Zotero user base is very large, and the Zotero forums are an excellent source of information for troubleshooting. Note, however, that Jurism and Zotero are separate projects, and that Zotero team are not responsible for fielding Jurism support requests. When posting to the forums, please flag your post with [Jurism] in the subject line. Alternatively, post queries to the Jurism mailing lists.

The Jurism manual covers only extended functionality not found in Zotero, and is currently a mix of user-facing tutorials and developer-facing documentation. New users will want to review the section on the Abbreviation Filter. Please note that the tutorials on multilingual styles may be significantly revised to reflect changes to some aspects of multi-locale styling.

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