CSL-M Documentation

CSL-M is an extended version of CSL (“Citation Style Language”), a stylesheet grammar recognized by Zotero and other popular bibliographic tools. Mainstream CSL documentation applies equally to CSL-M styles; the two sets of documentation should be read together.

In Jurism, the CSL-M stylesheet language works together with a modular approach to jurisdiction-specific styling (not yet documented here) to support legal citation styles for a range of jurisdictions within a single document or bibliography.

In many applications, no special adjustments to a CSL or CSL-M style are needed to support multilingual references, as translations and transliterations can be inserted into citations automatically by the citation processor.

CSL-M: Extensions to CSL

Visit the citeproc-js manual on ReadTheDocs.

CSL: Notes for Authors

General notes on using CSL (or CSL-M) styles, and on tweaking styles to make minor changes.

The CSL Specification

The official specification of the Citation Style Language.