Mailing Lists

To receive important project announcements, Juris-M users should subscribe to one of the following mailing lists.


Just the essentials. News of fresh releases and critical bugs only are posted to this read-only list. No advertising, no begging letters.


Mainstream support. To swap usage tips and bug reports, subscribe to this list. First-time posts are quarantined for moderation (the queue is reviewed daily).

Help for newcomers. Any and all questions about setting up and using Juris-M are welcome here. Students in the Academic Writing program in the Nagoya faculty are added to this list automatically, but anyone is welcome to join. First-time posts are quarantined (the queue is reviewed daily).


Common questions answered in short, silent how-to screencasts.

Thesis Configuration

Files used for configuration of theses in the Nagoya University Faculty of Law.

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