We have encountered a bug locally that is triggered when Juris-M 5.0 is installed over an existing Zotero installation.

The bug raises an error complaining about failure to find a database table zlsPreferences. Juris-M attempts to copy, then modify an existing database. If the database it finds happens to be from Zotero, this table does not exist, hence the error.

I am on the road until the 25th, and won’t be able to fix this bug until after I return to Nagoya. Meanwhile, though, you should be able to work around the error by following steps like these (essentially, the idea is to prevent Juris-M from finding the previous Zotero database, so that it will install an empty one that can be populated via sync):

  1. Stop Juris-M, Zotero, and (just in case) Firefox.
  2. Use Finder (on the Mac), Cortana/Search (on Windows), orfind'/locate (on Linux) to locate the file zotero.sqlite`
  3. Rename the folder containing zotero.sqlite to something else (ie. rename zotero to zoteroX, or Zotero to ZoteroX)
  4. If you also find a jurism.sqlite file on the system, rename it to (for example) jurism-errored.sqlite.
  5. Install Juris-M 5.0 (you should not get an error this time).
  6. Set up sync
  7. Sync

That should pull in all of the content. Check that the attachments have also come through.

Hope this works well!